About Access Doc

Access Doc offers FREE online video-chat, medical advice on your mobile or laptop devices for adults (age 18+).

No appointment or referral needed. No subscription fee. No upfront cost.

Depending on your specific symptoms, our health care provider can diagnose, prescribe medication, provide instructions and write a work or school excuse note.

Conditions that we treat:

Sore throat / Cold or Flu / Sinus infection / Pink eye / Bladder infection (UTI) / Rash / Minor burns / Sunburn / Back pain / Cold sore / Medication refill

AccessDoc.com Problems that we treat

If medically necessary, then our health care provider will send a prescription to your local pharmacy for a low service fee (typically lower than your copay). You will not have to enter your credit card information before you speak to one of our health care providers.

Access Doc is not available in all states. Access Doc is currently ONLY available in the state of New York.

START NOW, by downloading the app or visit us using the Chrome browser.




Access Doc is TRULY revolutionizing the health care by offering FREE medical advice from USA licensed Healthcare Providers.  Why?  Well, healthcare seems to be one of the few industries where you can’t get a free consultation.  You don’t pay upfront when you take your car into a mechanic to find out the problem.  You pay when they DO something.  Shouldn’t the same principle exist in healthcare?

So your consultation is FREE.  If our health care providers thinks that you would benefit from a prescription, then you pay $49.  If you don’t need a prescription or a work/school excuse note, then you pay nothing.


Medical Director: Dr. Jay Park MD

Board certified in Emergency Medicine, Dr. Park has worked in Emergency Departments such as NYU, Mount Sinai, Beth Israel, Hackensack, Baptist of Miami and Memorial Hospital System.  He is a husband, father, serial entrepreneur, and a follower of Christ.  His Press Ganey scores are consistently in the top 10%.  His disaster relief volunteer works include being a physician volunteer at the WTC after 9/11, in Biloxi after Hurricane Katrina and Port au Prince after the Haiti earthquake of 2010.  He continues his short term medical missionary works in Mexico, Haiti and Dominican Republic.